Jean Sébastien Bréard

"Dedicated to maximizing your rental income through real estate investment or helping you find the primary or secondary residence of your dreams."

I’m originally from Normandy, France, and after completing specialized higher education in the real estate sector, I developed an in-depth knowledge of this market. With several years’ experience in the field, I have worked in various real estate sectors.

Today, as a turnkey real estate investment advisor and property hunter, I put my expertise at the service of my buyer/investor clients. Thanks to my perfect understanding of needs and expectations, I can accurately determine the neighborhoods, property types and budgets best suited to each project.

Portrait de Jean-Sébastien Breard, Gérant de Breard Invest Immobilier, votre expert en immobilier en Normandie.
Vue panoramique d'Étretat - Un bijou côtier illustrant l'engagement de Breard Invest Immobilier envers des propriétés exceptionnelles en Normandie.

“Real estate can't be lost or stolen, and it can't be taken away. Bought with common sense, paid for in full and managed sensibly, it is the safest investment in the world.”

Franklin D. ROOSEVELT32nd President of the United States